Tuesday, March 30, 2010

alittle bummed

All afternoon all I have thought about is the fact that Im on this stupid plateau. That I only lost 3 lbs this month. That I have lost NO inches.

It has played over and over in my head - the times I could have worked out that I didnt. The times I practically binged when I got off track and how I could have handled that better. The times I have sat watching tv, doing nothing - when I could have been doing squats or pushups ect during the commercials. There is just so much more I could have done in the month of March.

There is only one more day in this month and a new one is starting. Its time to kick things in high gear.

This coming week I am going to go to the gym and have a 3D pic done of what I could look like at goal weight - I am so freaking excited to put a picture to the goal. That picture will be going EVERY where with me.

Im aiming to either get up early to work out or head straight to the gym when I get off work depending on the day ... or maybe both would be good too :)

Thursday I am going to try a spin class - I am SCARED of my first spin class. I am going to look like a moron! But I need to push myself out of my comfort zone.

So I am finishing watching the biggest loser then heading to pack my lunch. Here is my plan
  • Coffee with FF creamer and splenda = 0
  • low sugar oatmeal = 2
  • hard boiled egg = 2
  • 100cal cottage cheese doubler = 2
  • spicy black bean burger on roll = 3
  • small apple = 1
  • cup of soup = 1
  • Carrots and hummus = 2
  • fiber one bar = 2
  • running total = 15, 12 left
  • dinner based on going to the gym

1 comment:

  1. Girly, you lost 3 lbs this month - that is AWESOME!! Stop beating yourself up and just go with it, you'll get there!!