Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So much to post - so little space to do it!

I have so much to say that this could easily be 3 or 4 post! So I think I will bullet point it to try to save everyone some reading.

  • I have made new goals for April. March didnt go so well. I only lost 3 lbs in the month of March and my measurements are EXACTLY the same :( Really really bummed about this!
  • I am going to get out of this funk of a plateau!
  • I joined the gym today... LOVED IT! They have SO many classes to chose from. Everyone was really nice. Great equipment. Nice kids and pool area. I was so scared when I first got there - I sat in my car for 10 min because EVERYONE going in was female and a size 4 or 6... while I feel good about my weight loss I felt HUGE sitting there waiting to go in.
  • Tried pilates today - abs are sore but needed to do some stuff on my won before and after to get the cardio in.
  • I made the most yummy dinner - I roasted asparagus for the first time ever and LOVED it! I had only previously tried it battered and fried :( My eating has been right on the past two days.
  • I have PEED so freaking much since yesterday... but happy to get my water in!

Food Journal 3/30/10

  • Coffee with ff creamer and splenda with fiber 0 points
  • low sugar oatmeal with a banana 4 points
  • sweet egg whites with apple concoction 4 points
  • english muffin with jam 2 points
  • cup of soup 1 point
  • grilled chicken strips 2 points
  • lite mashed potatoes 3 points
  • asparagus 1 point
  • bite of G's mac and cheese 1 point
  • 10 almonds 2 points
  • TOTAL 20 - 7 left for evening snack :)

Will try to add pics of my awesome food today after G is in bed!

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