Thursday, March 4, 2010

annoyed with myself...

I am on day two of a rut... I need to get out of this NOW before I undo everything I have worked so hard on and quit! This is what I always do. I am NOT going to do that this time!!!

I need all my friendes out there to keep telling me that Im doing well and keep it up no matter what!

So yesterday I gave in and had a handful of candies and some cookies. I didnt workout when I got home last night because I had soooo much to get ready for with packing and all. This morning I tried to get up early and workout before G got up but I didnt, I figured I would get up at 7 with him and then while he is eating breakfast and watching his am cartoons, I would head out for a run. Well figures this is the ONLY time this year that Gavin slept in until 8 - now its time to get him ready for preschool and then I have to finish getting ready, take a shower and be ready to go by 10.

SOOOO I need to not go overboard the next three days... I am so looking forward to getting away from my life for just a few days (scared crapless to be out of my comfort controlled zone). BUT I need to get some workouts in while Im gone! I need to pack my snacks and pay attention to my hunger cues. I need to not go overboard with food. I cannot let food run my life!!!

On a plus note - I had fun trying on some of my older clothes that I havent used in a while last night. Everything I tried on looked better on me then it used to be!

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