Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This whole post masters wait for credentialing, certification, and collaborative agreement is going to give me a freaking ulcer!!!

I feel 100% stressed out today and its really getting me down. Im also stuck at work for 12 hours which isnt helping. I cant stop yawning and my eyes are burning and I just want to curl up on the cough, watch a movie and take a nap. That would involve being home though. Since Im at work - what I really want to do is go get a cookie from the great cookie, some candy from the gift shop and a ton of chocolate. I want to eat myself into happiness.

I know that wont make me happy AT ALL - it will do the opposite. It wont make me feel better, wont make my emotions go away and will instead make me so mad at myself since I am doing so good.

It is just going to take one more little thing and I will be falling over the edge. I feel bitchy today and am probually not pleasant to be around. I already warned my hubby for when I get home... and that a massage, movie and a glass of wine would definately help!

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