Monday, March 29, 2010

drink... PEE PEE... drink... PEE PEE!

Increasing my water intake day one at work - not the best idea I have every had. I have drank about 30 oz plus my am coffee and its 10am. I have peed and peed and peed! I dont have the kind of job that allows quick easy trips to the bathroom - the joys of being a nurse! Hopefully my bladder gets used to this pretty darn quick!


  1. Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself since we are at pretty similar places in our journey...I currently weigh 170lbs, with a goal of 135. I hope it's OK that I added you to my blog list, it's really inspiring for me to see that you're doing it, too!

  2. Shannon thanks so much for the comment! It amazes me when those that are not in my inner circle post a comment - I think NO ONE ever reads this... Good luck in your journey... cant wait to see how it goes!

  3. That is the worst part of trying to stay hydrated. I must take 10 pee breaks a day. ;)