Monday, March 29, 2010

week 12

Today is the beginning of week 12... 12 weeks of being healthy, 12 weeks of keeping a food journal, 12 weeks of being more active. This is the longest I have stuck to anything! Yes my weight loss has stalled a bit but I have not given up!!!

So this week I am down 0.5lbs - 176.5... seeing that the scale has NOT been my friend in the past week or so, I am so happy to see ANY loss.

I also started a new food journal today. Yes I still had room in my previous journal, but I have decided to kick things up a notch. A few days ago I posted some goals for kicking things up - I will be documenting my water intake and vitamins (I officially bought the old lady daily pill holder and took all my pills today!). So I thought a new journal would be nice too - its pretty and clean and neat.

So tomarrow I join the gym - have my first class! I chose pilates mat - and Julie was nice enough to brave it with me!

I have new found motivation, new found excitement!

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  1. though it may look slow right now.. look at your overall 12 week total. You are doing awesome!