Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling blah...

This afternoon I am feeling so BLAH and I have NO clue why. I got off work 2 hours early. It is GORGEOUS outside. But no I feel BLAH. After spending WAY too much time in traffic since I left early I hit massive traffic. After getting home we took a small walk with Gavin and the dog - my legs are sore so I thought it would be good to get a walk in again this afternoon before my planned long run tomarrow morning.

Im on this every other work day schedule that I hate! Im only off tomarrow and I have so much to do which stresses me out. Eric and I plan to get our run in while G is at preschool tomarrow. I have a 1pm hair appt and I need to get to my soon to be new job to drop off some paper work. We seriously need to get to the grocery store tomarrow or I will have NO healthy food ... we really need to do a BJ's trip but I just dont want to. Im planning to put a chicken in the slow cooker tomarrow to help ease the day a bit. We are hoping to have a bonfire tomarrow night too - first of the year. G is asking for marshmellows on sticks and popcicles :)

Ive also be alittle stressed in the parenting skills recently. Gavin has been SO bad. He has been talking back and bossy. Today he spit on a little boy because he didnt like him. I dont know what Im doing wrong?

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