Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy day off!

Its saturday - the sun is shining and it will be a gorgeous day and I am soooo happy to be off work!

This wonderful weather has made trauma land super busy so yesterday was CRAZY at work. I went in early - around 9am and didnt get home until almost midnight. My WONDERFUL husband is absolutely WONDERFUL... Rach was sick and when I asked him to pick up her son and keep him overnight he didnt even question it, not one little sound of complaint - just said OK and planned ordering a pizza for the boys and played all night and got them both to bed. I am very lucky to have him!

And the best part about yesterday is I got home to see my Nurse Practitioner licence came in the mail! Now Im just waiting for my collaborative aggreement to be approved by the state and the hospital to grant my privilages - I am finally making progress with the new job! Im so excited but so scared at the same time.... I will have ALOT of new responsibilities and peoples lives will really be in my hands.

The last few mornings the scale has said 177.5 - granted thats down from 181 but its stuck there :( I stayed within my daily points yesterday. I didnt get a workout in since I was at work FORVER.

Today will be a busy day. First eric is working so I have both boys to myself today and I will probually be adding my baby niece to the mix for most of the day. When Eric gets home I want to get a run in since it is GORGEOUS outside! G is heading to my moms tonight since we both work early in the am so we may splurge with a glass of wine and steaks on the grill and maybe a bonfire... great way to end the day with my wonderful husband!

There is only 1 month left in the biggest loser challange - I need to get a move on. I have lost 19 lbs so far - I would like it to be 25-30 lighter before the reweigh in. I REALLY want to win!!! Last year I sucked - I lost like 6 lbs then gained it back. I am on a role!

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