Saturday, March 27, 2010

I hate the scale

I really really really hate the scale! For some reason its sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor so while I was making my dinner after work today I jumped on and the damn thing said 179.5... there is no way in hell I gained 2 lbs this week! (My official weigh in is on monday morning) - I only splurged that one time for Mexican and it fit into my extra weekly points. The rest of the week I have been good - within my daily points every day and worked out tues, wed and thur this week. I dont freaking get it!

So I have realized I need to change a few things. First I hardly EVER take my vitamens. I have been splurging on diet pepsi when at work which is NOT good and have not been getting nearly my expected water intake. Im not working out as much as I should be. I have been not eating a ton of processed food but I definately could back off alittle.

So what is the plan -

1. Tomarrow I will buy an old lady daily pill holder and put my vitamins and meds in each day every sunday and then I will know if I took it or not - I can NEVER remember if I take my stuff.

2. WATER WATER WATER - I need to carry my water bottle around everywhere I go and keep it full. NO more soda, diet or not ... PERIOD! I dont need it, I dont want it! I will get 80 oz of water in EVERY day!

3. Four workouts weekly with three of them being cardiac. I am joining the gym next tuesday and am aiming for 4 1-hour cardiac workouts weekly! I can do this!!!

4. Plan my meals, pack my food. Try to stay away from anything that I cant pronounce.

5. STOP WEIGHING MYSELF every day, sometimes several times a day. It is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! So weigh in is on Monday ONLY!!!

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