Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need to get moving!!!

Its 830 in the morning. I have the morning to myself since the little man slept at Grandma's last night and the hubby is still sleeping. It is a great morning to get a good workout in... yet Im on the computer and sipping on coffee...need to get moving! I am about to head downstairs and run a mile on the treadmill (alittle too chilly outside today), then Im going to do some moves that Shannon the trainer had shown me with some cardio mixed in between, thinking jumping jacks. I need to get motivated though. I have NO desire to go down there and actually do it! I wish I already had that damn gym membership... a class seems SO much more fun! I cant quit or slack in the middle of a class... I can psych myself out when Im working by myself.

Today I feel bloated and gross. My neck is so tense and tight - why I am holding stress there I dont know... I had a dream last night that someone was sneaking high calorie protein fiber into everything I ate and drank so that while I thought I was staying in my points I really wasnt - and was gaining and gaining and gaining instead of losing weight. Then when I saw the higher numbers on the scale I lost it and went binging so I gained more. Then when I got back on the wagon they put that powder back in and I kept gaining until I was over 300 lbs... it was a scary dream!

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