Friday, April 30, 2010

ok have a post now....

I am so freaking bummed out.

Today started off great - had an awesome step interval class. Made healthy food choices - made a great 5 point goat cheese mushroom pizza... it was yummo!

Had a great time with G and his best friend who spent the night tonight.

Was hoping to get a second worout in today but just couldnt do it at 9pm when the boys were finally settled. Just couldnt do it.

Then I went to take my measurements for the end of the month. I will update the stats page later.

I did not make it into the 160s this month - mainly because I was a giant slacker in Ohio and gained 3 lbs that week!

I lost 5.5 lbs this month - good but I could have done 7 or 8 and hit my goal!
I lost 0.5 inch from my chest and abdomen. 1 inch from my waist.

I keep feeling like Im smaller lately but the numbers done lie. Yes I lost 5 inches from every area since I started. Yes I have lost 25 lbs or so and Yes I am very happy and proud of myself for that but I feel like I could be doing so much more.

It has put me into a tizzy - making me want to eat. I have used almost all of my weekly points with 2 days left to go ... when my goal is to not use them at all! I have gone over my daily points every day this week with really trying to eat healthy. I dont know how it has happenned.

Im bummed.

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