Saturday, May 1, 2010

I cannot believe Im going to do this...

Another of the wonderful blogs I follow ...

She has been a big inspiration for me and she posted that she is doing a challange. I have been looking for something to get me remotivated and I think this might be it..

Most of the time althought Im staying within my points I feel like Im eating a ton of JUNK. Alot of processed foods, a ton of refined sugars and grains. I dont feel like Im eatting healthier, just less.

This 8 week challange requires that I lose three types of foods from my diet
1. ALL refined sugars
2. ALL dairy products
3. Alcohol - if not completly then dropped by 50%

I want to lose the refined sugars anyways - this would completly 100% help in my diet and make myself feel so much better... it is also going to be very very hard.

I have never wanted to lose dairy before. I have never thought I had an issue with dairy before. I like yogurt, cheese, sourcream. I like cream in my coffee. I love pizza. On her video she discussed the reason you should drop dairy is because it bloats you... thats not enough of a reason for me to completely drop dairy. But I did look into it further and there are alot of medical reasons to drop dairy. It is very slow to digest. It causes a TON of mucus throughout our body and in our organs...ewwww. It adds to fatigue, acne, UTI's. SO while I dont plan to drop dairy forever - Im curious if I notice a change in my body by dropping it so Im going to give it a try for the contest then may add a bit back here and there. The alcohol isnt a big deal for me.

You also need to add something to your diet daily
1. One LARGE salad with minimally cucumber and tomatoe with olive oil and vinager every single day.

I may get 100% sick of salads but we are going in the right season for this and I need to get more in the habit of eating salads so why not.

In addition you have to do 45 min of activity with 2 days having weights - right up my alley. and one minute daily of belly breathing... weird but ok.

You have to make a vision board or list 25 reasons on why you want to get healthier and lose weight. I will do the 25 reasons... I will work on them tonight after G is in bed.

You have to submit a before pic and measurements - I will do that today too.

The deadline is May 3rd... anyone up for trying this with me. Im hoping I can make it the entire 8 weeks but regardless I think this will definately help me get back on track in a good and healthier way.

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  1. I am new to your blog and being someone who has lost weight! I wanted to wish you good luck on your journey! You can do it! You'll be so glad you blogged about it I didn't until about a month ago and that is one of my biggest regrets. So good job on tracking it! And Good luck :)