Thursday, April 15, 2010

pity party

Ok if you read yesterdays post then you will know that last night I had a massive pity party for one.

That was yesterday - today is a new morning and I started it off well... a 3 mile run at 6am. My HEALTHY meals are packed. About to take a shower and start getting ready for work.

I will push through the funk. I will not allow myself to sabatage my efforts again... that is usually what ends my success... ME. I get in my way alot! I will succeed - I will not give in.

My goal is to be firmly in the 160s by May 1st... I can do it!

I do need tons of suggestions on staying healthy while traveling though - next week Im heading to Ohio with my mom, grandmother and child for 4 days. I am bringing a cooler with me with all my favorite healthy snacks, fruits and veggies. Its the restaurants that I suck at... and sometimes my mom drives me to drink :)

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  1. We're on vacation at the moment and I brought my 30 Day Shred DVD with me, so I've been doing that every day. I'm also trying to have just one splurge per day, and either eating super healthy and light for the other meals or just skipping them all together and no eating after 8pm. We're also staying really active, my husband and I have been walking the beach in the morning, swimming and playing all day, then a bike ride in the evening. I'm really hoping to be down 2.9lbs at my next weigh-in on Tues, that'll put me past my next 2 mini-goals!