Wednesday, April 14, 2010


D.C. was EXHAUSTING... fun but exhausting! Gavin did as I expected him to without his nap - not horrible but we lost control over him around 330pm... not his fault but still sucked.

I didnt really watch what I ate today and didnt count points - at all. So I am just considering my extra points for the week gone.

We surprised Gavin with the trip - didnt tell him what or how we were going until we got to the train station... boy LOVES trains!

** 2 hours later**
Gavin is in bed and I have officially did some work things I needed to do, took a bubble bath and relaxed. Now for confession time.

I knew I was going a bit off plan today but once I made that decision everything went to crap in a basket. I couldnt sleep last night - I kept thinking about work and couldnt get my brain to stop so I didnt fall asleep until 2am! SO waking up at 5 for spin class was NOT happenning. I am bummed since I registered for it. Then my eating was HORRIBLE. I wasnt going to come clean but I think I have to - I need to admit everything, talk it over and move on healthier and happier.
So things I ate today - here is the complete list
1. donuts
2. munchkins
3. mexican food for lunch with chips, salsa, cheese dip, fish tacos
4. Icecream sundae
5. toast with real butter
6. eggs, sausage, more toast with real butter

Seriously my stomach hurts. The last two things I wasnt even hungry - why the hell did I make and eat it????

Today I felt very blah in my jeans - nothing fit right, I felt big. I dont know if the downswing is because the biggest loser contest is over and I didnt win when I really really thought I would. I dont know if its my way to fight the stress of the coming new job. (the new job scares the shit out of me).

So I over ate, feel like crap, havent worked out in 3 days. Why the hell have I been off for two days and I havent worked out AT ALL... not once with two days off! what the hell!?! So now I have to work out on days that I have to work... uhhh!

SO right this very second I need to get my mind back on track. I have packed my breakfast lunch and dinner tomarrow. My workout clothes are by my bed ready to go tomarrow - I have to work out at home so treadmill in the am here I come.

I hope tomarrow I have a happier day in this body of mine.

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