Saturday, April 3, 2010

Random thoughts...

Congrats to alot of my favorite bloggers that I follow - it appears to be a great weight loss week for most. I hope that it continues through til my weigh in on monday but Im not feeling very hopeful. I feel kind of blah today which makes no sense since its so pretty out. I think its because I have been working every other day all week, I never feel like Im really off - I have so much to do on my day off. Next week I am off mon, tues and wed ... Im very excited!

Tonight we made pizza for me and G - half of the pizza was 10 points - I ate 3/4 of that half so 7.5 points. Not to bad for pizza! It was the whole wheat thin crust, sauce, light cheese and tons of mushrooms. yummy!

Tomarrow is a holiday at work - the WORST diet place to be! There will be food galore, lots of chocolate, cake, pie... HORRIBLE! I am taking in some homemade salsa and baked tortilla chips so that is one thing I can eat. One of the girls promised veggies and dip. Otherwise I am packing my meals and will allow a bite or two of chocolate but only if its GOOD chocolate, not just to eat it!

Monday I am trying a spin class... im nervous. I wish someone would be a great work out buddy and join me.

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  1. Its really nice that after eating a delicious pizza you gained only 7.5 points. Actually that is pretty cool for having a pizza. Thanks for your post.