Saturday, April 3, 2010

so bummed out!!!

Im bummed, annoyed and alittle peeved at the moment. This morning was some family time since we both work easter. We did easter eggs, a hunt, the basket ect with the little man... it was cute. BUT I planned to massively hit the gym right after G's nap today. Take him with me for the first time, let me try out the daycare and then us have some pool fun afterwards. I was REALLY looking forward to it... until I relooked at their website at 2pm and it says that their daycare closes at 3pm on weekends! Which means no gym for me today! UHHHHHH... So I will have to push through my evening funk and have a good hard workout all by myself downstairs once G goes to bed tonight. But what the heck are we going to do now all afternoon???


  1. Go for a walk! I know the weather here's been gorgeous, I'm hoping to get my family out after dinner :)

  2. Hey that is pretty bad luck. Happy Easter to you and your family.