Sunday, April 11, 2010

sore, tired and happy!

I am SORE today - my arms are still like jello. I had a great spin class today but couldnt push myself to the max for some reason. I wanted to do lower body when I was done but just couldnt get into it, wanted to run but changed my mind. Did get a great abs workout in though!

And Im TIRED - I am waiting for G to finish lunch so we can take a nap... feel mildly guilty for napping since its beautiful outside but Im tired!

Tomarrow is my personal weigh in and tuesday is the biggest loser contest weigh in... fingers crossed!


  1. Thanks for the kick in the ass. It was just what I to work out now :)

    Good for you for making it to spin class!

  2. NO problemo... I expect the same in return if I start slacking k? :)