Sunday, April 11, 2010

Todays agenda

1. Get off my couch and get to the gym. I signed up for a 9am spin class and then I will get some abs, lower body and swimming with G afterwards.

2. NAP

3. Rachaels housewarming party at 3pm... that is not an eating time, I will not be eating... no exceptions!

Yesterday I went over my points but had an amazing dinner experience. I went to a Tapas restaurant and everything I tried I had never eaten before. I love doing that! I highly enjoyed everything and while we didnt go overboard, Im sure that I went over over over my points. But I had FUN... and I worked my ass off at the gym yesterday and will be again today.

No insightful post lately - my mind has been mush... off to get ready for the gym!


  1. It was very yummy... and since every thing was "classicly" prepared.. maybe it wasn't that bad....

  2. It was yummy ... and very "classicly" prepared :) lol