Wednesday, April 28, 2010

want to EAT

Im having one of those days where I am just wanting to eat and eat and eat... I have felt like Im hungry all day and nothing is satisfying it. I just ate my last available point for the day - its only 645 pm so tonight I will be dipping into my weekly points for the first time this week. Yes I have stayed within my points but I definately could have eaten smarter and better.

Todays food
1. Egg whites and cheese on sandwich thin
2. 3 weight watcher brownies total
3. 2 fiber one bars total
4. chicken sandwich on sandwich thin
5. carrots with hummus
6. 2 merange (sp?) cookies
7. baked chicken, brocoli, asparagus and noodles

I could have eaten more fruits and veggies, maybe something with dairy in it... I definately could have made better choices.

BUT I did get a kick butt spin class in!

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