Wednesday, April 28, 2010

another good day...

woohoo two good days in a row... liking it!

Yesterday was a very good day. I was right on with my points for the day

8am - english muffin with cinnimon, coffee
1pm- panera small salad with no dressing and a bowl of broth based soup
4pm - weight watchers brownie, coffee
6pm - lower fat content hamburger with ww cheese on a sandwich thin, baked potatoe wedges, green beans
9pm - 1/2 cup frozen yogurt, 1/2 banana, 4 almonds crushed up

Everything was yummy and satisfying. BUT I was STARVING by the time I got to Panera, I meant to bring a snack with me to the hospital but forgot... but I didnt give in to the hunger - woohoo!

Also while watching the biggest loser I got another 500 calorie treadmill workout in. It felt great to sweat!

Today I am aiming for another good... scratch that... great day! At 930 Im heading to spin class and then will get on the treadmill to make up the rest of the 500 calories. Then will head to the pool with G. Im getting my hair done today - love those days, they make me feel GREAT! I am planning to grill some chicken and asparagus for dinner. And best off hubby and I are both home today - FINALLY, I cant wait to spend some time with him!

Fingers grossed to a great day!

I am also planning to weigh myself sat morning even though that isnt weigh in day to get a full amount of the weight and inches lossed in April. I need a new battery in scale, I weigh myself too much! So there is no battery in it right now so no weighing myself daily.

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