Monday, April 12, 2010

weigh in day

Mondays are my personal weigh in day.

Today I weighed in at 172.5. I have lost 1 lb this week. Im not exactly sure how I feel about this yet. I know a loss is a loss and Im happy its going in the right direction, but this week I have worked out and done more cardio then I have EVER done.... but on the opposite side, I used ALL of my extra points this week - something I havent done most of the time. This week its back on track, no extra points if I can help it and keep up the cardio.

Tomarrow is an important weigh in - one someone elses scale with clothes on :) I really could use the winning money for some new summer or work clothes.

Its 545 in the am - Im up against my will... my bed felt SO comfortable! But Im up. Right now Im enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the news and chatting with you all. But in a few minutes I will be in the basement on the treadmill getting my sweat on. Then it will be time for the crazy day of a full time working mom to start. I have to get myself ready, Gavin up fed and dressed, both of us out the door by 845, commute the 45min-1h to work and then Im working 10a to 10p... tonight I am sure I will be exhausted!

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