Tuesday, April 13, 2010

not a winner...

Im bummed that I didnt win the biggest loser contest... its the lag in March that did me in...hopefully once winners are announced, I will have atleast came in second. But on the positive side - I am 22 lbs lighter! That is worth more then winning.

I went and got things in order for the new job today - I felt SO much better once I sat down and talked to the other full time midlevel... Im scared shitless about the jump but I will get where I need to be with some hard work... and Im good at hard work!

Today was interesting food wise - I didnt eat breakfast because of the weigh in and then I was starving by lunch (I meant to bring a breakfast bar for after the weigh in and forgot). I met my mom at the hospital while I was there for lunch. I had a yummy turkey and bacon sandwich - no cheese, no mayo... 9 freaking points but since I didnt eat breakfast it was do-able. Dinner was speghetti for the boys and for me
4oz super lean ground turkey
1 cup speghetti squash
1/2 cup sauted mushrooms
1/2 cup sauted zucchini
1/2 cup speghetti sauce
1/4 cup diced tomatoes
tons of garlic
fresh basil
all mixed up... it was not amazing yummy but good and filling. Oh and my fake garlic bread with a sandwich thin, spray butter and garlic powder broiled and a glass of milk.

I have 6 points left for the day.

Tomarrow we are venturing to D.C. - eating out ALL day, should be interesting. G has no clue what we are doing, just that we have a surprise for him. I cant wait to see his face when we pull up to the train station... my 3 year old LOVES trains... and then again when we get to the natural history museaum and the giant dinausaurs.

fun fun!

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