Wednesday, April 7, 2010

woohoo house to myself!!!

Just put the preschooler to bed - yes its 630, yes its still freaking early and light outside but I just couldnt take another minute. It has been a rough day in three year old land - he wouldnt take a nap today(despite laying in his room for over an hour)and has just been a MONSTER all day. So yes he is in bed. Thank god!

Hubby just left for his first Mauy tai (sp?) kickboxing class - he was super excited... well as excited as you can tell with my super relaxed go with the flow husband.

SO yup ... house to myself. I have NOTHING to do... darn! Im sore so no additional workout tonight. I had a great spin class this morning with Julie - THANK YOU! So I am going to play online, take a bath, and maybe watch a chick flick - PERFECT night!

I have highly enjoyed my last three days off work, but Im ready to go back in the morning. Figures though that daddy still gets down time on his day off tomarrow since G has preschool from 9 til 1.

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