Friday, April 9, 2010


I was MIA yesterday - sorry, I just didnt really have anything to say. I HATE this time of the month and I feel BLAH. Plus I worked all day yesterday - after 3 days off that was HARD!

Today I wanted so much to get up and get a workout in but I couldnt get up :( So in a few I have to get ready for work and get G ready for daycare and head out. After work today I need to try to find something cute to wear tomarrow.

Tomarrow is going to be a MASSIVE workout morning - Im going to go for a run, then hit my spin class (I LOVE SPIN) and then some weights. I then will probually try to sneak in a nap before getting ready for dinner and Phantom - excited for a night out! Nervous about eating out but I have been really good and its tapas so hopefully I wont do horribly.

Sunday will be back at the gym and some serious play time with my little man.

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