Monday, May 17, 2010

challange time...

I have issued a challange to myself. I have put down the challange and I have accepted the challange. The reward for said challange - a 1 hour massage.. I want it!

I have sucked lately. I havent journaled in 2-3 days - I never do well when I dont journal. I have binged for 2 days - I have felt horrible! My skin isnt happy, my body/muscles arent happy, my mood definately isnt happy.

So here comes the challange - most I was doing before this horrible week! Oh and FYI I gained 1 lb this week.

1. NO extra points - stay within 27 points daily. Plan better, no extra points!

2. Minimal dairy.

3. No refined sugar - I have thrown out the junk I have been binging on already.

4. 9 workouts this week - I love my mornings at the gym but miss running so I am going to try to do both.

5. NO eating after 9pm.

6. WATER WATER WATER - get your ounces back up

OK 6 things - yes some of them are alittle difficult. ONE week... I can do anything for one week and most of the week I will be at work so the eating part will be easy - working out will be difficult but if I do the below schedule I can get them in.
Workout #1 and 2 - monday morning spinning followed by weights
WOrkout #3 - jogging monday afternoon
WOrkout #4 - jogging tuesday morning
WOrkout #5 - spinning expressions wed morning
Workout #6 - spinning thur morning before work
WOrkout #7 - weights friday morning
WOrkout #8 - jogging/elliptical sat morning
WOrkout #9 - Jogging/elliptical sun morning

Yes thats alot but I can do this!

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