Monday, May 17, 2010

challange day 1...

So far day one has gone really really well...

I had an amazing workout this morning. Spin class rocked. There was one point where we had two big surges left - really hard - rpm of 100 with a gear of 14-15... tough! The instructor said to imagine two people that you want to pass and really give it to them. My first person I wanted to pass was me. I stand in my way ALL of the time. So I put my head down and pumped it out and passed right by myself. The second surge I passed my weight challange. It was very very motivating! I followed that with an upper body workout.

My food has been right on today. Im a bit stuffed right now from dinner so around 8ish Im going to get a light jog in. I have 3 points left for an evening snack.

Food journal -
745am 1 egg white/1 whole egg on an english muffin
1030am pretzel with hummus
130pm turkey on a sandwich thin, carrots and hummus
3pm strawberries
4pm cantalope
630 salad with light italian dressing, roasted chicken, green beans, brown rice with onions/mushrooms/zuchini.


Hope tomarrow is just as good! I needed this push.

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