Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Minus my dog just puking all over my carpet - hense the EWWW - today has been a pretty good day. Got up and headed to the gym for another spin class followed by an upper body workout and a bit of abs... I need to start enjoying abs a bit more, I suck at them! Then we were off to watch G play alittle soccer after preschool. Lunch at panera. I was NOT a fan of the new salmon salad - granted I had mine with no cheese and no dressing but not a fan. Its raining out and cold - yuck, about to curl up for a family nap. Then off to get a pedicure with Rach and do alittle straightening up and alittle work stuff.

DOnt feel fat today - weird how those days come and go and have no reason to what causes them.

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