Thursday, May 13, 2010

hi everyone...

I dont have a ton to post about these days - I have been really busy. Not to mention Im doing good and Im happy and I tend to blog way less when Im happy. Weird but true.

For the most part Im doing the no dairy, no refined sugar with bites of things here and there. I have been pretty good on the no dairy part though. Yesterday at work someone make a starbucks run... not good. I ordered my usual skinny latte without thinking about it - I should have ordered soy. WOW almost immediately after drinking it I was so gassy and bloated. WOW what a difference the dairy made... my stomach did not feel good.

I am officially in the 160s - today I was 168.5... yaaaa me! Which means my next big slip up wont be until right before I head into the 150s... I have no clue why I freak out every time Im about to hit another section. But I have done it every single time.

Work is going good. Everyone is so incredibly nice - I LOVE IT there! I have so so so much to learn but Im looking forward to learning it all. Im excited about work. I love going. What a relief, I was really worried about it. I do need to get my arms stronger though - I was intubating someone yesterday and holding the blade and handle and my arm was shaking trying to keep their tongue out of the way. I havent missed a line yet either! Yesterday I did my first throacentesis as an NP. woohoo! Its still super weird introducing myself as the NP but I love it!

Today Im off to spin class - third spin class this week. They are addictive! I wanted to go to a spin class this past tuesday but got confused and thought it was wed and when I got there the class I thought I was going to wasnt there since it was the wrong day so I did a spin class... glad I did. It was a different instructor and was probually my best spin class to date. SO back today. Tomarrow I will have an off day exercise wise but will work and them Im off work for 4 days ... woohoo!

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