Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA - new job starting was busy and Im not feeling so hot yesterday and today.

I put in a central line solo yesterday - it was awesome! granted I completely froze going to my first rapid responce by myself though and had to call for back up... I will get there in time Im sure. Its hard being on the other side of things.

I have a massive earache - like put me to bed early in tears earache. It is better today but my hearing feels funny, debating heading to patient first but really dont want to.

Diet is going very well. Later today when I have some down time I will post what I have been eating. I need to get to the store today too... I love the unprocessed fresh food I have been eating. I havent been hungry or craving anything and feel great. Todays weight - yes Im weighing myself daily, no I dont care what you think - was 169.5... my first weight in the 160s. Im so so so excited!

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