Sunday, June 13, 2010

where have I been...

Obviously not on here! And not really with the program either.

On a positive note I just had an amazing 4 days with my wonderful husband and hilarious 3 year old at the beach. We had a ton of fun and did not want to come home today. But regardless today we are home and back into the real world.

Time to get back into the swing of things.

While I was "away" (away from life, away from blogging, away from healthy anything - and no I dont mean just the last 4 days) I did alot of thinking. Here are some of my random thoughts...

1. I like dairy, why the hell am I torturing myself cutting it out? Yes it was very do-able but while I was not eating dairy I struggled not to binge, struggled to eat within my points and over all did HORRIBLE. I lost NO weight because I couldnt focus on just being healthy. So I am re-adding dairy into my life. It wont be like before and I have found some things I like better - like almond breeze in my coffee instead of fat free half and half but I miss my greek yogurt and goat cheese and lite sourcream on my potatoe. So I will knock it down a notch but bringing it back.

2. I MISS WORKING OUT! I feel SOOOO much better working out - I need to make it a priority and make myself start getting out of the damn bed in the am and get my workout in on days I work!

3. I do not drink nearly enough water - ever.

SO today we got back from Virginia Beach and it was time to focus. I forced myself to go to the grocery store. Not what I wanted to do after a 6 hour drive but I did it. And even more not on the fun list - I cut up stuff and I cooked! I steamed fresh green beans, cut up cantalope, sauted onions and mushrooms to put in the brown rice I steamed, sauted some chicken breast. I was a women on a mission. I have food for most of the week. My hubby works evenings this week so normally I eat horribly - not this week.

I weighed myself 173 - in the afternoon after my hiatis - I expected much higher.

One week at a time. This week I will stay within my points every day. I will workout atleast 4 times this week. I miss running. I miss spin class. I have those nifty new spin shoes! I also miss weight training. My arms were starting to feel awesome, now not so much!

To a great coming week!

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