Thursday, July 15, 2010

530 is EARLY....

FYI getting to the gym and on the spin bike by 545... not fun! It is EARLY!!! I couldnt even function and figure out what I was trying to find before heading out the door. Good thing I had already packed everything to just go. SO go I went and I am very happy that I did.

WOW there are some differences though
9am class = about half full, laughing, joking around, talking
545am class = packed (only 2 free bikes), QUIET... nothing but the music.

The teacher for my first early am class was also the teacher that did my first class ever... I hadnt taken her class since then ... great class! I dont think I pushed myself as hard as I normally do but great class!

Now getting ready for work - not nearly as fun as at home... I was sweating even after a cool shower. The blow dryer and straightener I bought just for the gym SUCKED. BUT....

working out early like that gave me SOOOO Much energy ALL day.

Cant wait to see saturdays weigh in!

Oh and I almost forgot... I was talking to my husband this morning telling him about my morning at the gym and his first comment "wow who are you and where is my wife?" love that!

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