Wednesday, July 14, 2010

busy busy

Today was a busy day - started great with my run that I posted about earlier. Then a short nap and some mommy Gavin fun at chuck e cheeses, errands and then G becoming a huge pain in my butt.

He is in bed now - yaaaa! Im catching up on some tv. Reading the first of the true blood series. Doing laundry and more importantly getting ready for tomarrows EARLY gym spin class before work.

Wow those that go to the gym and then shower and dress at the gym... Igive them some credit! It takes alot of packing, planning, ect. If I forget something then I will be peeved since I cant come home before work.

So I went to target and got some extras - a small blowdryer, small straight iron (Im planning to do this alot now!) I have packed my bag - shower stuff, make up, hair stuff. My scrubs are in the wash. My lunch is packed.

I need to pack some breakfast too... note to self.

Alittle bummed - I have been wanting to try a homemade banana soft serve (just put frozen bananas in the food processor for 5 min or so - they supposibly get light, fluffy and very much like soft serve)... my bananas are in the freezer - turns out they take alot longer to freeze solid then I thought ... so they arent frozen, so no banana soft serve for me :( I had to settle on a 60 cal frozen chocolate moose with some fresh rasberries... I know poor me huh?!?


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  2. I have heard that the homemade banana froyo is yummy! I need to try it out.