Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Started the day with sleeping in until 8am... woohoo... thats LATE in my house!

Then went for a run

It was a GREAT run... my longest to date! I went to the ma and pa trail to run. I ran 2 of the three parts twice. One part is VERY VERY VERY hilly, and I rocked it!

The first dip was me stopping halfway to drink some water (I havent really mastered the drinking and running yet), the second dip was a straight upright LONG hill that I about died on and had to walk the last third up. Today was my first run with my belt... two small water bottles definately isnt enough.

For my next 10 runs or so Im trying different forms of energy eating stuff while I run to see what I like best now that my runs are much longer.

Today I tried the mint chocolate GU

I like the GU much better than the energy beans. Much easier to take in while trying to run and breath. I liked the texture of the GU, kind of like icing. I loved the flavor. My only complaint is after running 30 min or so I was HOT and the chocolate initially did not sit very well in my super hot stomach. Something berry in nature might sit better. But after 5 min or so I felt ok.

Eating was right on today - even dinner out... I got a plain grilled chicken and a side of veggies. The veggies had butter on them :( so I only ate a few pieces.

Tomarrow Im aiming to get up EARLY ... and on my day off... to hit the 545 spin class before spending two days with family.

On a major plus note... my dad is coming to visit from Texas in October and he will be here during my first half marathon!

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