Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Just want to put this out there so that I will deal with things and know that its out there...

Im alittle worried about heading to my SIL's tomarrow. I tend to eat... and eat... and eat a TON of junk when Im there. Yes they always have lots of healthy options but they have ALOT of unhealthy ones too and I tend to eat more and more and more of the unhealthy stuff. I eat with everyone then sneak snacks ALL day and night long. Not to mention the mixed drinks and beer I drink by the pool. Not diet friendly. I have been good lately and I dont want this to throw me on a loop again... once I get off track one day it turns into a week and 5 lbs of being off track. I cant let that happen.

SO Im putting it out there to all of you...
I will stay within 3 meals and 1-2 snacks.
I will watch my portions.
I will not drink any alcohol, dont need it - water, water and water.
I will not snack in secret.
I will snack on fruit and veggies.
I will not eat junk during the drive... I can not eat for 2 hours, I wont die!

I have also planned my workouts for the next two days. If I can get up early enough I am spinning EARLY tomarrow before we head out. I also have a 6 mile run planned from (I like this much better than!) and will run that friday morning.

I can do this. I can be in control of me.

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