Friday, July 2, 2010

Good morning...

Yesterday morning I was in a funk but pushed through it and had a rocking Spin class followed by an amazing much needed nap. Took Rach out to see Eclipse for her bday - not as good as the book but still loved it. Dinner didnt go so well - preggo took one look at her food and had to walk out of the restuarant... oh the joys of being pregnant! So I packed up dinner and we headed home. My salmon was amazing! I munched on way too much last night though - twislers I didnt need, granola bars dipped in peanut butter. But all in all my day eating wise could have been worse.

Typically when I decided to enjoy a meal that turns into a free for all the entire day if not week. Its hard to rein myself back in.

I was going to take today off workout wise since Im running a 5K with Nicole tomarrow. But since I did indulge a bit yesterday I should do something so I think I might go downstairs, run a mile and do upper body weights again.

Im doing the july lunge challange on facebook -
I did my first day yesterday - wow I hate lunges!

Also yesterday I watched Roni ( talk about maintenence... that is my biggest fear. I am terrified about losing all of this weight and then trying to live normally and gain it all back. I couldnt figure out how I would do it - she had some great pointers and reminded me yet again that 1. its do-able and 2. the challange doesnt end (and tracking) once I see that magical number. Check her out

I wanted to weigh myself VERY badly today but decided to wait until official weigh in tomarrow.

Looking forward to a few days off with my hubby... i hope he knows that he means the world to me... he is my biggest fan!

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