Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have worked 5 12 hour shifts in the past 6 days. I stayed up too late last night. Im so freaking sore from tuesdays weights. And I want to whine! I dont want to be awake. I dont want to go to the gym. I dont want to do anything.

Which is not how I want to feel at the beginning of my 4 days off when it is GORGEOUS outside and I have a great day planned.

So Im sucking it up and going through the motions of the day and hope that halfway through I will get in the mood of the pretty day off somehwere along the line.

So todays plan... need to get moving!

Spin class at 930.

Followed by taking G to the park.

Followed by cleaning my disgusting bathrooms.

Followed by nap time... I think for both of us!

Then Eclipse!

Then dinner out - bonefish with my BFF... love a girls evening out! We deserve it big time! And if you are reading this missy... hopefully next summer neither of us are preggo and we can hit the beach again... that was so so so much fun and we definately need some time away from the boys/men!

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