Sunday, July 18, 2010

my role model...

I saw a quote today - I wish I would have written down who said it... if it is you please let me know.

"I have met my role model, and it is me"

At times I think poorly of myself but for the most part I am proud of myself. I look back at what I have been able to accomplish and I am in awe of myself. I am a great role model to myself. I just need to remember every once in a while why I am so awesome and trust myself.

On a side note, I got my workout in today... no matter how much I didnt want to do it. It wasnt fabulous but it was definately sweat filled! I have registered for the 545 am spin class tomarrow, packed my lunch, packed my workout bag and my work clothes.

And now Im sitting down about to watch a super young gal chick flick on abc family (revenge of the bridesmade) and about to enjoy a WW icecream cup with crushed pretzel pieces added. Yummy!

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