Monday, August 2, 2010

challange day 3/10

So far a great day.

I got up and went to spin class after dropping G off to his first day of daycamp. The class is supposed to be 45 min - she did 60... thought I was going to die but it was a great workout.

Home now to take a shower, say hi to all of you and go get G from camp. We have a busy day planned - we are meeting friends at Panera Bread for lunch, then coming home to clean my bathrooms while G is napping (fun fun) then G has his first day karate tonight - he is so so so excited!

Food is going well today -

Here is my plan for the day
Breakfast 1 lite english muffin with 1 tbsp peanut butter 3 points
snack 6 triscuts 2 points
lunch salad with no dressing, cup of soup, apple 7 points
snack carrots and hummus 1 point
dinner pasta with chicken, veggies and goat cheese 6 points
That leaves 7 points for in between, increasing serving size or a nite snack!

Todays weigh in was 162... so down 2 on day 3... not sure how accurate that is. We will see if it sticks tomarrow.

Im also going to start looking into seeing a sports doctor or therapist about my right knee. Im having some pain after running. I dont want it to get worse and side line my running. I have found some IT band stretches and strengthening stuff that Im starting and Im focusing alot more on cross training to see if it helps. I will also be icing and elevating it after my runs from now on. Anyone deal with this before? THe pain is right on my knee cap and the muscles right before my knee starts.

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