Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 4/10 and August Measurements

I am so freaking tired this morning. And sore, but mainly tired.

We signed G up for 15 months of Karate... omg he better love it! Now between the three of us we spend about $400/month on exercise! crazy! But we are an active family! Sucks that we all go somewhere different though.

Today Im calling a sports doctor about my knee and Erics elbow. We are falling apart in our old age.

I forgot to do my measurements two days ago. Happy with the results.
Chest - for the month I was down 0.5inches, overall 6 inches since january.
Abdomen - down 1.5 inches for the month, 7.5 inches overall
Hips - down 1.5 inches for the montha and 6.5 inches overall.


Day four of 5 will be a good day!

In about an hour Im dropping G off at camp and hopefully I will come home and clean, I really really need to! Then after camp its lunch out with Rach and some shopping for new clothes for ME :) I always make her eat at Panera Bread so today is her choice and I will just have to make a smart decision. This afternoon is a LONG HILLY HILLY HILLY run with Nicole.

Ok of to make breakfast - here is to a good day!

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