Monday, August 16, 2010

crappy day

So while I enjoyed my day - my last day before work spending it with my little man the entire day.

I gave in to the crappy feelings and tiredness of the day. I didnt work out at all. I have NOT eaten well - I have snacked and snacked and snacked some more after G went to bed tonight. Calories I did not need.

Tomarrow is another day - wow I have been saying that alot lately.

I have already packed my lunch for tomarrow. Im getting up to go for a run in the am in my cute new running shorts I bought today. Not a long run since my 10K is saturday and I work tomarrow but atleast 3 miles.

I decided to cute my points as if I am already 159... so now Im down to 25 points a day. I have to make better use of them.

I am not letting this week take over me - I am taking over this week!

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