Saturday, August 14, 2010

Niagara Falls

Sorry I have been MIA... hubby and I got back from a little couples reconnecting trip to Niagara Falls. It was much over do and we highly enjoyed ourselves.

I got two workouts in on the four days that we were there. I didnt go overboard in the eating department. Still gained 2 lbs while gone but could have been much worse. It was all of the wine!

Here are some pics of my trip...

Here is the view from our hotel room the first two nights (the third night we went to Niagara on the lakes... much more adult friendly and relaxing!)

Here is the first morning we were there - 630 am and Im up for my first of two runs during the 4 days we were gone. Hubby PROMISED me he would get up and run with me both days - our first official run together, but both mornings he bailed and wouldnt get out of bed. This is the morning after being pretty drunk the night before... but best way to sweat out a hangover! I ran 4 miles this day and 5 miles my second run. Both runs were without music ... shocker, I liked it!

Here I am all dressed up for our second night out. Wasnt having the best hair day but not to shabby I dont think! Its amazing how much happier I am to be in front of the camera minus 40 odd pounds!

I have way more pics - but it takes forever to load them on here so this is all you are getting right now - sorry! I loved the butterfly conservatory and the buddist temple we went to. Have some grainy but fun pics of us all wet next to the falls.

We highly enjoyed Niagara on the lakes - what a cute little town.

Loved the vineyards. Wasnt a huge fan of Ice Wine though - way too sweet for me and I really like sweet!

Missed our little man like crazy and he has been up my butt all day since we have been back.

Today was a FULL day of getting back into the swing of things. CLEANING my house like crazy. Spending WAY too much money at the grocery store. No workout today. Long run in the am with Nicole.

Bye for now!

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