Sunday, August 15, 2010

unofficial 10K

This morning I met up with Nicole and ran the 6.2 mile practice 10k... did a great job - 72 minutes and felt strong the entire run.

I also got my shirt we had made for the event next weekend. You will have to wait and see them. They are cute! I ran in it today - felt great. Granted it started to rain our last 10 min or so. Coffee and chatting afterwards was just what I needed - thanks Nicole!

Todays run was minus ipod - I am shocked to say I prefer this MUCH more. I can pay better attention to my breathing and actual talked a bit during the run.

Im having a empty belly day - I have felt like Im starving since this morning. I am trying to watch what I put in my mouth and not give in too much but I feel like Im starving! It doesnt help that its a rainy cloudy yucking sunday!

I will be going over my points for the day though - I only have 13 left and its only 3pm and will be eating dinner away from home today.

This weeks workout plan -
Monday - spin class and weights
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - early morning spin class
Thur - lite 3-4 mile run
Friday - rest
Sat 10K baby!
Sunday weights

Off to decorate a babys room!

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