Tuesday, August 31, 2010

seriously annoyed ...

This is 100% not weight loss related but I wanted to vent.

I had a dream about an exboyfriend a few nights ago. He is newly married and I couldnt be happier for him. I emailed him to laugh about the silly 70s aerobics dream I had staring some of our old gang and asked how he was doing, asked about how married life was, if they were planning for kids, work, family, ect. I filled him in on graduating from graduate school, my step mom who is doing triathalons after not being active in years and my adorable 4 year old and our hopeful plans for another child next year.

The email I get back from him...

Please do not email me anymore.
My wife reads my emails on occasion and we've been fighting about this one.
Not your fault, but I cannot speak to or correspond with you anymore.
Good luck with everything.

Seriously?!? I could see if I was flirting with him or something - of which I was 100% NOT. We live 1200 miles away from each other. What is wrong with an occational email? I have to tell you - my feelings are hurt. Im actually shocked by how much my feelings are hurt. I know this has NOTHING to do with me, and I have no clue what kind of relationship they have but still.


  1. I have to agree with your ex and his wife on this one. What is the point of you emailing him? What are you trying to accomplish? If you are both happy with your lives, there's really no reason for it. The new wife is probably wondering why all of a sudden you want to pop back into his life... and that's a valid question on her part.

  2. While I respect your opinion, I disagree. Im sorry you felt that you had to post your comment anonymously though. You wouldnt have hurt my feelings :) We have stay in touch over the years, an update email and to see how he is, isnt trying to "accomplish" anything - just to stay updated. He is the only one from that stage in my life that I have stayed in contact with - what is wrong with that? And I didnt want to "pop" back into his life. Do you not stay in contact with people from your past?