Friday, September 10, 2010

26.2... really?!?

So 7 miles into Nicole and my run this morning - Nicole brought up wanting to upgrade our next half marathon in March to the full marathon. We chatted about it for another half mile or so and we both agreed that YES come march we will be doing a full marathon.

Im already freaking out about it... and we havent even done the half marathon yet! So that means my winter will be filled with some LONG runs. But I am excited about the prospect... and I will be in kicking healthy shape come spring when Im ready to get preggo.

SO come march I will be running the Virginia Beach marathon!

Todays run went well - we did 8.3 miles in 94 minutes. Not to shabby... and best yet we both felt pretty strong through the entire run and chatted up a storm. It amazes me the differences a few months have made in my running! Now I really hope the swimming in the next few weeks gets easier. It is so much harder than I thought it would be. Im just not good at it but I have to keep reminding myself that I wasnt "good" at running either and now I ROCK! It will come with lots and lots of practice. So tomarrow I will be going to spin class followed by some practice laps in the pool.

Tonight Im about to watch Fast Food Nation. I picked up the book Food, inc and some exercise and clean eating books at the library today. I have been eating HORRIBLY the last few days - I feel gross. Why cant I get my eating under control? I know how it makes me feel afterwards yet I still go there over and over and over!

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