Friday, September 10, 2010

uhhh my belly hurts...

Ive been watching some DVD's and reading a few books and seriously my stomach hurts. I feel like Im going to vomit.

I want to make some major changes to my eating some will be much harder than others...

1. Local or free range (preferebly local) chicken and beef
2. more seafood
3. No diet sodas - have you read the ingredients??!??
4. No aspartamine - probually much easier said than done
5. No fast food

Im sure I will be adding to these but I need a starting point. I am very tempted to go more vegan but Im not sure if I can do that. I want to do more reading of ingredient list - want to not put things in my mouth that the major ingredients are things I cant pronounce. I want to eat more local foods, more fresh foods. Right now I eat ALOT of processed food - I need to cut back before going cold turkey.

Tomarrow morning Im cleaning out the cabinets and fridge, making a trip to the farmers market and prepping some foods.

uhhhh my stomach hurts thinking about what I have put into it!

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