Monday, September 27, 2010

Can someone PLEASE explain to me...

WHY THE HELL IM AWAKE?!? Its 2am... I work tomarrow. I signed up for 545am spin class before work. I was EXHAUSTED at 10pm when I went to lay down. Yet here I am. Its 2 am and I have tossed and turned for HOURS. My mind just wouldnt turn off. Nothing important, most of the time it was stupid songs it was singing. Hubby just came to bed and I said - forget it Im getting up for a bit and will try again. SO here I am....

And do you think I will be getting up in 3 hours to go to the gym before working 12 hours being responsible for saving lives? ummmm no.

Not to mention the junk I just ate that I do didnt need.


  1. Sorry you had such a rough night. My mind use to be like that, just racing thoughts that would keep me awake for hours. I am on a depression medicine now and I don't have that problem anymore and as busy as I stay all day plus exercise when bedtime gets here I'm out all night. I hope you figure out how to deal with this, maybe you need to talk to your doctor if this has been an ongoing problem. Good luck.

  2. Christina - thank goodness this doesnt happen often, almost always when I take a nap the day before a work day... and yesterday I took an awesome 90 min nap with my 4 year old. I thought for sure the 10 mile run afterwards would tire me out. Mentally yes, body no. And Im already on meds... thank god... I would be a MESS without them :)

  3. I would just try to avoid the naps then and I know how great those naps are. I remember taking naps during the day with my little ones but now they are to old for that. Yea thank god for meds. Good luck today and I hope the day flies by for you.