Friday, September 17, 2010

the good and the bad...

While its bad - its still all good :)

Today was a ridiculously busy day in the ICU... running around like a crazy person most of the day. Didnt eat or drink anything until almost 2pm and by then I felt like I could eat my arm... and while my healthy lunch warmed up I inhaled 2 donuts :( then got fast food (i know i know) on my way home.

Yes I packed healthy lunch, dinner and snacks. No I did not really stick to them at all. If I would have forced myself to take 2 min to have a snack at 10 and 4 or 5pm then maybe I would have made better choices. But I didnt.

ANd you know what - dont feel that horrible about it. I had one "off" day - in the grand scheme of things I am doing freaking awesome. I have lost 45 lbs. I have learned to run. Exercise is a normal part of my life. I am making very good changes if you look at the big picture!

I just mapped out my 12 mile run for monday... wow I cant believe I can run that far! I will try to get in a quick run in the morning before work tomarrow and weights since its an even day.

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