Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anyone can run...

I know what your thinking - you arent a runner. You cant run more than a min or two without feeling massively out of breath. Your sides hurt. Your legs hurt. You feel stupid. You are too heavy to run.

Well guess what ...??? You are WRONG. 100% completely and totally wrong!

I was one of those people. I couldnt run - could barely finish 1 lap. I couldnt breath. It hurt. But guess what? If you keep doing it, every time it gets a bit easier. Eventually your breathing gets more even... hell now I can even talk and run... crazy.

I went from 100% a nonrunner - and heavy at 201lbs to boot - to following C25K, running my first 5k, stopped running and it sucked again, redid C25K, ran a 10K and in exactly one month I will be running my first half marathon... and already agreed to do a full marathon in March!

And today I did something awesome too... I ran my first double digit run! 11 miles in just shy of 2 hours. I was in the zone, some of the hills sucked but I was happy the entire run! I even ran with music whick I dont normally do.
I also had an awesome 90 min massage today, got to see some of my favorite babies - my niece Ava and Rach's little peanut, ate dinner with my little man, put together my AeroGarden! and Im about to go do some weight training.
The weight training is new - I will be adding it to the regimine. I am following the Biggest Loser plan when it comes to weights, every other day - on the even days.

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