Monday, September 20, 2010

Morning didnt go quite as planned...

Well this morning I had grand plans but they didnt quite work out the way I wanted them to. I made the best of it though.

First I started my freaking period right before walking out the door - could have been worse I guess, could have been in the middle of my run! So around 840 I left to drop G off at preschool. When I got there I realized I forgot G's lunch (he was staying for lunch bunch so I could get my long run in). So I had to drive all the way home and take his lunch there after I dropped him off. I decided that I would go ahead and drive the new run on the way there to make sure the distance was right. Thank goodness I did. I went the way I thought it was and got very lost - and ended up in Riverside! If I would have ran that way I would have eventually realized I was way off track but then would have had to figure out how to get back home and there is NO way I could have done it before I had to pick up G at 1pm. So by the time I got home it was 945 and I was flustered.

I then decided I would run the say route I did last week - the 10-11 mile run that took me right under 2 hours. That way I could get back, shower and get G. Well the first 3 miles of this run SUCK... its 3 miles of up 3 very steep hills with no real down hill just levels off and goes way up again. Not to mention it was very windy and the wind was coming down the hill at me so I was running against the wind. It SUCKED! When I got to the end - around 3.2-3.4 miles I said screw it, turned around and ran back. Yes I got a major hill workout in today. Yes I ran 6.5 or so miles. Yes I am happy with that. To make up for some of the mileage I will run 3 miles tonight on the treadmill (even suckier!) and get my weight workout in. Fri I will overcome the 11 mile marker - and hopefully with Nicole! Next week is my last week of long runs then its time to scale back ... wow in a little over 3 weeks Im running my first half marathon!!!!

Even if today wasnt what I planned to do - after the weekend I just came off of... overall I am very proud of myself! I am a runner!

Right now Im enjoying a nice frozen banana then its shower time and maybe grocery shopping before getting G.... ttyl!

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