Sunday, September 19, 2010

A new week...

Wow what a busy busy busy weekend at work. Just finished working 38 hours between fri, sat, sun and I am exhausted. Not because of the hours, thats normal - but the acuity. We were treading water a few times over the weekend. We have alot of sick people right now.

But in the past 3 days, I havent eaten very well since I have rushed to eat when I could eat which wasnt often and I havent exercised AT ALL... I barely have had time to shower and get to bed let alone anything else.

So tomarrow starts a new week. Its still a very busy week but getting back into the swing of things is just as important. So tomarrow I will be going and going and going. First I will be getting G ready for school and get him off, then home to do an 11 mile run, back to pick up G. Tons of errands to run, clothes to wash, house to clean, dog to play with (she was seriously ignored this weekend) and hopefully see my hubby a bit tomarrow.

We have been passing like shadows in the night this past week... love that he will be back on days for two weeks!

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